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Our Foundation believes in sponsoring less privileged children from elementary education to upper secondary school and higher education so they will have a better future and be able to contribute to the develipment of their community and society.

Your support will provide formal education to a vulnerable child in form of classroom curriculum training, scholastic materials, school uniforms and extra curicular lectures.

You can choose to direct your sponsorship gift towards supporting a specific child's education or direct your sponsorship towards rendering educational aid to less priviledged children though ESLP Foundation.

Don't forget that your sponsorship does not only end at allowing a needy child to go to school, but it will also make them part of a powerful niche of a highly potential, professional and talented useful human beings in the future.

Sponsoring a child and/or donating to support the less privileged children, you are creating better opportunities for their future.

We shall appreciate every contribution you make because it will help us to create/build a positive future for people in need.

To sponsoring individual child educational support, you can choose one or more from the many possibilities and it shall be to our greatest delight to forward to you names of vulnerable and less provileged children to choose from.

We welcome every support you can generously give. Get in touch with us now.

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